After years into the pandemic, all of us are craving now more than ever to escape the four walls of our homes and surround ourselves with nature. However, with the threat of COVID-19 still looming in the air, public transportation does still come with its fair share of risks.  

Camper Vans are popular in countries like the US, UK, and Australia, but recently this trend has also begun to emerge in our own country. The trend had emerged around the time that restrictions were reduced, however, the risk of public transport would always be on our minds. So, what exactly about these camper vans has recently brought about their rise in our country?  

Well, let’s dive right in and discuss the important details that you’ll need to know before setting off on a camper van holiday

What exactly is a Camper Van?

Benefits of a holiday in a Camper Van

Types of Camping Vans in India

Where can I find a Camper Van?

What to look out for while choosing a Camper Van?

Can you turn your car into a Camper Van?

Where can I find a Campsite near me?

Why travelling in a Camper Van isn’t for everybody?   

What exactly is a Camper Van? 

To put it in simple terms, camper vans are recreational vehicles that provide you with not only a comfy ride but also provide cozy living spaces. Combining transport with accommodation, camper vans are perfect for road trips with friends and family. You can coast along the highways as you take in the picturesque beauty that surrounds you.    

Although camper vans don’t have much of a history in India, there’s been a recent surge in the number of people spending their holidays in one. With higher risks to be considered and more, while using public transport, it comes as no surprise that we would prefer to travel in private vehicles. Well, with camper vans we not only get safe and private transportation but also, we needn’t have to worry about finding a clean hotel to stay in.  

Benefits of a holiday in a Camper Van 

Safe private transportation  

These days when we’re looking into taking a vacation, safety concerns remain a major factor of the planning process. After spending months locked away in our homes, travelling around surrounded by strangers proves to be a hectic ordeal. Sure, guidelines are in place to minimize risk, however, we do quite often see these guidelines flouted almost everywhere we go. That’s one of the greatest benefits of travelling by camper van. The only ones joining you on your holiday are your closest friends or family.  
These motorhomes are designed with the intent of providing as comfortable a journey as possible. You can sit back and relax, without having to worry as much about catching the virus

You needn’t bother booking hotels 

The beauty of camper vans is that transport and accommodation have been bundled together, having been built on the premises of serving as a home-on-wheels. Generally, camper vans are equipped with cozy bedding that’s fixed into the body of the vehicle. Camping tents are yet another option for those who want to get as close to nature as possible. With no late check-outs to concern yourself with, you can sleep in as long as you’d like in your comfy campers. 
Hotels can be expensive, especially when travelling with your family. Not to mention how hotel prices might soar during peak season. With camper vans, you can find very reasonably priced campsites where you’ll be surrounded by the lush green beauty of nature.

Flexible itinerary 

When you’re travelling by public transport or even checking in at your hotel, you often have a strict time restraint to follow. Well, when you’re travelling in a camper van, you get to enjoy the journey at your own pace. Enjoy the surreal sights as you pass them by, or maybe even park the camper for a few minutes to take in the fresh air and scenic surroundings.  With no fixed itinerary to abide by, make the most of your free time.  
What if we made the decision to alter your travel plans in the middle of your journey? It isn’t a problem at all. We won’t have to bother about making hotel reservations ahead of time or arranging transportation to our new location. All we have to do now is pick a new campsite and plan the route to it. And all of this can be accomplished with a few simple mouse clicks on our laptop! 

Safe storage 

With public transport, we feel the need to keep an eye on our personal belongings when we’re surrounded by strangers. Having heard so many stories of pickpockets and lost bags, we constantly struggle with keeping everything close to our chest. Yet another horror would be for when our flights have just landed, but somehow our baggage has been misplaced, leaving us stranded in a different city with none of our belongings.  
Well camper vans solve that problem with ease, as all the valuables you may need are conveniently stored in your motorhome. With no one else having access to the vehicle, your belongings are safe from theft or misplacement. 

Cost friendly 

Although purchasing our own camper van can be a rather large expense, there are several sources for us to just rent the vehicle for short durations. When we compare the costs of renting a camper van to that of booking tickets and hotels, we often find the former option to be much more cost friendly. Since the camper vans merge together travel and accommodation, we won’t have to break our bank accounts trying to afford a good holiday. 
Campsites can be found all over the country, where you can park your camper and enjoy the surrounding scenery at a fraction of the cost of booking hotel rooms

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