No kid left behind: Oregon couple logs 60K miles in camper with pet goat

“For the past six years, we’ve been traveling the country, two or three months out of the year, with our pet goat Frankie,” Cate Battles began. “Eeehaaahh,” Frankie bleated with earnest. “We couldn’t leave our kid behind!” Cate laughed. Last fall, Cate and her husband, Chad, were approached by a talent scout looking to round […]

The Ultimate Dussehra Travel Experience: 2023 Edition

Dussehra, also known as Navratri or Dasara, is one of the most significant and grand festivals celebrated in Karnataka, India. Dussehra in Mysore is celebrated grandly for several historical, cultural, and religious reasons. The city of Mysore has a rich tradition of celebrating Dussehra with great pomp and splendour. This city has a historical connection […]

Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Camper Van for Your Next Adventure in India

After years into the pandemic, all of us are craving now more than ever to escape the four walls of our homes and surround ourselves with nature. However, with the threat of COVID-19 still looming in the air, public transportation does still come with its fair share of risks.   Camper Vans are popular in […]

Your Complete Guide To Camper Vans In Indi

What Exactly is a Camper van? Camper vans are a combination of transportation and accommodation that offer not only a comfortable trip but also comfortable living spaces. Campervans are excellent for road trips with family and friends. These are usually the size of standard road vehicles, and operating them requires a specific licence only if […]

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